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Monday, 9th of April, 2012
This is the date when you change your life. In a creative, loving way.
Nothing stays the same.
The focus is not on others, the focus is on you.
All lights are on you. Lights spreading love, care and tenderness upon you. On your face, your body, your soul, your heart and mind.
You deserve the best. You deserve all the love you can give.
You don't need food you cannot digest. You don't need people you cannot digest.
You don't need fear and you don't need pain. The kind of pain you give yourself. The worst kind.
You don't need others to say you're beautiful. You need yourself to say you're beautiful. Meaning it. 
You only deserve love. You only have one responsibility. To give abundant, unconditional love to yourself. True love.
And whoever things it's selfish, gets out of your sunshine way.

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